Who is Chou Chou?

        Grant me one beauty wish – Luscious Lashes !!!

    “For centuries, men have known that the eyes are the window to the soul,” explains acclaimed cosmetician, Chou Chou Grant. “However savvy women know that the eye lashes are the highway to the heart.”  How many Hollywood romances on screen and off have started with a subtle batting of the eyelashes? Trends in make-up and eyelashes may have evolved dramatically over the years, but flirtation has been in vogue since the time of Cleopatra.

           Grant is one of West Los Angeles’ best kept beauty secrets. She has been  applying  semi-permanent individual lashes to the eyes of movie and television stars, fashion models, Beverly Hills brides and Bel Air socialites for more than thirty-years. Her client list also includes time-conscious professionals including business-owners, lawyers and physicians who enjoy the benefits of looking  great with a minimum of make-up. 


        She explains, “Today’s woman wants a natural look to fit her more casual life style. By adding length and volume to the lashes I am able to create feminine allure and give dimension to the eyes.

The application takes about an hour and the technique varies from woman to woman.  When a new client comes to my studio, we discuss her lifestyle and desired look. I carefully study the proportions of her facial features before applying the individual lashes.  I generally increase the lash count from 50 to 80 percent to ensure the enhancement is subtle and natural but the improvement is noticeable.  My clients tell me that, after a visit to my studio their friends usually notice an improvement but cannot identify the specific change. That’s my goal.”


         Ms Grant continues, “A client once remarked, ‘Chou Chou, I always feel younger and sexier after a visit to your studio -- your extensions are like Viagra for the lashes!’”  The application enhances the entire face - The lashes attract the viewer’s eye toward the iris, rather than focusing on the delicate skin around the eye and lid.  “Several clients have told me that a visit to my studio enables them to put off the need for plastic surgery.”


         Even though the trend in lashes today is subtle, for special events, film shoots and weddings, many clients request a more dramatic look to accentuate the eyes.  “I often do entire bridal parties that include women of all ages.”  Bride’s are delighted to have gorgeous lashes that last from the rehearsal dinner to the end of the honeymoon. 


         After training with a prominent Hollywood cosmetologist in the 1970’s, she developed her own technique for creating a more eye-opening but natural look. She explains,  “In those days, it was easy to detect  ‘False Lashes.’ The old strip method gave women an artificial, heavily made-up look. My goal was to refine the process so that the applied lashes would accentuate the eyes, create a more youthful appearance.”

        “In the days of silent film, applied eyelashes provided drama and expression to the early starlets,” explains Ms Grant. As make up products became more sophisticated in the thirties through the fifties, applied lashes added glamour to the faces of Loretta Young, Marlene Dietrich. We saw the introduction of mink-strip lashes. In the 1960’s and 1970’s there was resurgence in use of very pronounced lashes by fashion models. Twiggy and Penelope Tree enhanced their “Mod” looks with flirtatious lashes. When we recall the fashion magazines from that era, we think of a model in a Rudi Gernreich mini-dress with jet black or platinum blonde bangs and spider-like lashes! It was impossible to achieve the ‘Mod’ look without the dramatic lashes.


         Today, many make-up artists offer temporary lashes as part of a total-face make up session. When the make-up is removed at the end of the day, so are the lashes. However Ms Grant’s applications last from ten days to three-weeks. 

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